Achtung! Die Howtos stammen aus der Zeit vor 2006 und sind nur noch aus historischen Gründen online!

MPPE on FreeBSD 3.5.1

1. Get these files from 4.1.


  copy ng_mppc.h to /usr/include/netgraph

2. get new crypto-sources from 4.1

 cvs co -rRELENG_4_1_0_RELEASE src/sys/crypto

 change #ifdef _KERNEL to #ifdef KERNEL in /sys/crypto/sha1.h

3. Add new options:


  NETGRAPH_MPPC_COMPRESSION       opt_netgraph.h
  NETGRAPH_MPPC_ENCRYPTION        opt_netgraph.h

4. add these lines to /sys/conf/files

  netgraph/ng_mppc.c    netgraph_mppc_encryption
  crypto/rc4/rc4.c      netgraph_mppc_encryption
  crypto/sha1.c         netgraph_mppc_encryption

5. get mpd3.2 port and change the Makefile:


6. Add NETGRAPH_MPPC_ENCRYPTION option to the Kernel-config-file

7. Compile Kernel and mpd3.2

I tested it with successfully with Windows 2000 and Win98.

Copyright ©2000 Michael Bretterklieber mbretter@jawa.at
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